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Our mission is to expand minds + diversify crews behind the scenes of entertainment productions, marketing + other creative projects while promoting underrepresented creators.


Geonni is a set + production designer and set decorator. Her educational background is in graphic design, art direction for film/tv, and interior architectural design. Her experience spans feature film, television, commercials + special content.


She founded Onni Creative in 2020 and currently oversees daily operations + business development, and leads the team's creative efforts across all mediums.


Prior to OC, she was director of marketing for United Artists Releasing, leading theater marketing campaigns for MGM, Annapurna Pictures + Orion Pictures' diverse slate of indie + big budget films, including House of Gucci, No Time To Die, Respect, Licorice Pizza, Creed II, The Addams Family, and Booksmart.


Angelica Harris

Director, Marketing Operations

Angelica is a digital marketing expert with 9+ years of experience in client relations, digital advertising, SEO, and reporting and analytics, working with hospitality brands such as Hyatt, Sonesta, and Wyndham.


She currently oversees OC's digital marketing program, strategic planning, operations, and business development. She is also an art producer, most recently working with Amazon Prime Video.


deanna taphorn

Director, Creative + Concessions

Deanna is a graphic designer and  OC’s movie theatre concessions expert. She oversees creative marketing for internal and external concessions campaigns, project management, and maintains film studio + vendor relations.

Prior to OC, she was the Creative Director at Cinema Scene / Vision Media for 16 years.

Geonni Sigl

Founder + Chief Creative


Brooke Wastler

Manager, Digital Media

Brooke is a digital media professional with experience in social media management, strategy, and content creation. She manages OC's social media initiatives across all platforms.


She has filled a variety of art department roles (incl. prop master + set dresser) within motion picture + stills photography productions for brands like Prime Video, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Pringles, Kate Spade + Athleta.



Coordinator, Creative Marketing

Emma plays a key role in Onni Creative's marketing strategy for film exhibition. Leveraging her professional experience in movie theatre marketing and skills in graphic + brand design, she helps implement the company's exhibitor marketing initiatives, including email communications, digital + print concession offerings, and customer service.


She helps manage the company's presence at industry events, including CinemaCon and other regional NATO events. In addition to supporting OC's theatre marketing offerings, she supports Onni Creative's overall brand strategy and their art + production projects.


Emma is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Business School. 


Founded with the purpose of uplifting women in the workplace, our vision is to promote a creative space in the community that welcomes all across age, gender identity, race, cultural background, physical or mental ability, and perspective.


Each project is unique, and our approach is to develop a deep understanding of our client's practical needs + wants, and deliver impeccable service while maintaining each client's vision, brand + budgetary requirements.

We commit to being socially responsible, ethically aware, and taking an environmentally sustainable approach when it comes to sourcing production materials, and selecting retailers + vendors.

We pledge to reduce or eliminate production waste by recycling and reusing products, using eco-friendly materials when available, and avoiding plastics + styrofoam. All of which are high priorities, but just the start of our efforts!

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