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10 Easy Ways Cinemas Can Give Back for National Nonprofit Day this August

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Getting involved with your local community is a great way for cinemas to make a positive impact and show support for non-profit organizations. It not only benefits the community, but also helps build goodwill and strengthens relationships with patrons.

Here are 10 ways to get involved for National Nonprofit Day this August 17:

1. Donate a portion of ticket sales or concessions: Allocate a percentage of ticket sales or concessions from a specific day to a local non-profit organization.

2. Host a charity screening: Organize a special screening of a popular movie and donate the proceeds to a non-profit of your choice.

3. Volunteer at a local charity: Encourage cinema employees to spend a day volunteering at a local non-profit organization.

4. Create a donation box: Set up a donation box in the cinema lobby, encouraging patrons to contribute spare change or small donations to a selected non-profit.

5. Sponsor a fundraising event: Partner with a non-profit organization to sponsor one of their fundraising events, providing financial support or venue space.

6. Offer free screenings for non-profit members: Extend an invitation to members of local non-profit organizations for a special free movie screening.

7. Organize a food drive: Set up a food drive in the cinema lobby, collecting canned goods and non-perishable items for a local food bank or community pantry.

8. Create awareness campaigns: Use cinema screens to display public service announcements or short videos about non-profit organizations and their missions.

9. Offer discounts for non-profit staff and volunteers: Provide special ticket discounts or concessions offers for staff and volunteers of local non-profit organizations.

10. Collaborate with non-profit partners: Establish ongoing partnerships with non-profit organizations, offering them discounted or free ad space on cinema screens to promote their cause and events.

Use National Nonprofit day to create a relationship with your favorite nonprofits to fill in gaps where they may have needs in August. But, don't make this a one-time event, maintain the partnership throughout the year to continue to support the organization and engage your community! And remember, contributions of time or money, big or small, make a positive impact in our communities!

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Looking to support a nonprofit? Check out Brave Beginnings, established in 2006, honoring the legacy of the Will Rogers Institute, Brave Beginnings is the only program that provides grants to hospitals across the United States to purchase equipment for Neonatal Intensive Care Units. The first hour after a Preemie birth, aka "Golden Hour," is crucial for the baby's longterm health. The equipment provided by Brave Beginnings helps to ensure Premies receive the best care available, so they can grow into healthy children & adults. Support this beloved industry nonprofit with a change round-up program at point-of-sale at your cinema!



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