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PSA to End Bias in Health Care

Behind the Scenes Filming "Hear Me" PSA for Blue Shield of CA

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It was our [Onni Creative] pleasure to work with Blue Shield of CA and Venus Williams to bring awareness in an effort to end bias in health care.

As stated by Blue Shield of Ca, "1 in 2 women’s health concerns go unheard, per Blue Shield’s research, and 83% of women with chronic pain have experienced gender discrimination from doctors, often being told they are stressed or overreacting rather than suffering".

Woman in black and white

Serving as set decorators and dressers, we brought this project to life by curating the props and equipment needed to convey the serious tone our healthcare client desired.

Woman sitting

The vanities pictured behind Venus were difficult to find due to supply + demand issues at the time, but well worth the hunt!

In these shots, the only physical props are the medical exam table and floor lamp. The cabinets and walls are being projected.

Woman in cap and gown

When a set has a lot of elements involved, it can be easy to overlook all of the small details that are added to create a setting for the scene. In this graduation scene, there were not as many decor items needed, so we created the grad's diploma to pair with the cap and gown add more realism.

We sourced everything from the vanities, to medical exam table + lamps, and designed small details like the diploma.

Not only is there a Youtube series dedicated to this impactful campaign, different mediums were used to spread awareness and reach a greater audience. Pictured below is a mural located along the I-10 Freeway in Los Angeles, Ca.

Woman on billboard

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