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Happy National Loyalty Day: 4 Tips to Leverage your Loyalty & Rewards Program

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Happy National Loyalty Day! Loyalty and rewards programs are great ways to keep moviegoers abreast of exciting events and promotions, increase impressions, and get people into your cinema!

Subscription programs can look different depending on your aim: are you trying to get more moviegoers into your cinema on weeknights? Want to keep your community informed about events, promotions, and activations? Do you want to promote as many titles as possible? We’ve got a few tips on how to leverage your loyalty & rewards to meet your goals!

☑️ I don’t know where to start. How can I get moviegoers to sign-up for my loyalty program?

Once your infrastructure is there for a loyalty program, you’ll need the loyalty members. Offer $1 off concessions for those that download your app & join your loyalty program. Require moviegoers to opt-in to your loyalty program when they purchase tickets online. Or, tout your loyalty program and its benefits on social media to reach as many people as possible.

☑️ We’re slow on weeknights. How can I get more people into my cinema?

Leveraging your mobile app is essential for this one. Send notifications via the mobile app to let potential moviegoers know the movie showings and any concession deals on different days of the week. These push notifications will keep your cinema at front of mind and assist in getting moviegoers into your cinema on weeknights.

☑️ There’s low attendance at my events. How can I reach a wider audience?

Email marketing is great for these types of events! A large email audience is essential for sending out special promotional event notifications. Analyze your open percentage & click through rate (CTR) to monitor how many people are engaging with the email. Test different days of the week and times of day to determine when your audience is most likely to open your emails.

☑️ I want more moviegoers in my cinema. How can I get people to come into the cinema?

Promotions, promotions, promotions! Your loyalty program is a great way to get moviegoers into your cinema. Create promotions or events that are only for those in your loyalty program. These special VIP events will entice more people to sign-up for your loyalty program and get them into your cinema to take advantage of members-only promotions. Members-only promotions can be as simple as a $1 off of popcorn on Wednesdays or could be as elaborate as a The Garfield Movie premiere party in your lobby. A 2021-2022 Movio study found that concession & movie ticket discounts positively impacted moviegoers and influenced cinema visitation no matter the amount of the discount.

Continue to develop and optimize your loyalty program, subscriber list, and promotions to increase benefits for your moviegoers and get more into your cinemas no matter day of the week or time of year!

Still unsure about loyalty programs? Need help with email marketing?

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