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Happy National Photography Day!

Do you love BTS content of actors, sets, and the crew? Wonder how we see high quality action shots from films before they premiere? You can thank a still photographer! This National Photography Day we’re giving you the ins-and-outs of a still photographer’s duties on set!

A group of men talking

Do The Right Thing (David Lee)

The still photographer, commonly known as an on-set or unit photographer, enhances the storytelling of a film by capturing key moments in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Their images are typically used in press packages, on the studio’s website, billboards, and social media to garner hype about an upcoming project!

A man smoking a cigarette

Oppenheimer (Shelagh Conley & Melinda Sue Gordon)

Photos from still photographers are used to promote and market the film. From billboards to first looks to movie posters, “key images” are often the first images viewers see of a film and are the main imagery used throughout the film’s campaign.

Four women outside with bags

Joy Ride (Ed Araquel)

On set, still photographers have to be very careful. They’re trying to get the perfect shot while nestled between lighting, sound, and camera equipment, so they have to be sure they won’t accidentally knock into anything!

Four girls looking at a magazine

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. (Dana Hawley)

With the rise of streaming services, still photography has become even more important as many of the “key images” are used for carousels and image previews for viewers on streaming sites.

People filming a movie scene

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (John Jay)

After a movie has premiered, still photographers give viewers amazing BTS content! From moments captured setting up a scene to actors & crew interacting, these images add to the storytelling of a film and are often used in conjunction with press junket content to help promote the film and garner excitement right before its release!

When posting your favorite movie stills, be sure to credit the still photographers! Happy National Photography Day!

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