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Last Minute Valentine's Day Activations for Your Cinema

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so we’re stocking up on chocolate🍫and we have hearts in our eyes 😍! Check out our last minute ideas to activate around Valentine’s Day to get moviegoers into your cinemas by the big day!

  1. Guess How Many 🍬- Grab a jar or popcorn bucket and fill it with candy hearts or hershey’s kisses. Run a contest asking moviegoers to guess how many candies are in a jar and don’t forget to collect their contact information. At the end of the day, contact the person with the closest guess to collect their prize: the container full of sweets!

  2. Blankets 💗- Use this time to promote your private label blankets for couples to get all cozy during the exciting VDay titles. Put out a couple during the day as a promo for a lucky couple to find a free blanket. Create videos on your socials to get your followers excited!

  3. Chocolates & Champagne 🍾 - Create a Valentine’s Day combo deals that include champagne and/or chocolate at your concessions stand & bar! Gift your private label chocolate bars with every purchase of champagne! Or, create a BOGO deal for champagne, so couples can enjoy a sip together! *Clink*🥂

  4. Photobooth 📷 - Decorate your lobby & design a themed photobooth! Add hearts, cupids, and chocolates to put moviegoers in the Valentine’s Day mood! Create a hashtag (Ex. #VDayat[YourCinemaName], #HeartsChocolateAndMovies) & ask moviegoers to tag your socials & use the hashtag when posting to social media.

  5. Social Media Giveaway 📱 - Host a social media gift pack giveaway! Include movie tickets, concession items, your private label blanket, and the ultimate Valentine’s Day experience at your cinema and associated restaurant! Be sure to include the entry requirements on your post (ex. 1. Entrants must be following your cinema IG account. 2. Like this post! 3. Tag your valentine. 4. Share to your story for an extra entry!). 

  6. Couples Desserts 🍰 - Create a Valentine’s Day dessert menu at your associated restaurant with names like ‘Death by Chocolate Cake,’ ‘Sweetheart Cherry Cheesecake,’ or ‘Tiramisu for Two.’ Encourage moviegoers to end their night with dessert and a drink after the movie!

  7. Love Letter Wall 💌- Design a love letter well in your cinema lobby. Create a station with valentines and fun colored paper. Ask moviegoers to dedicate theirs to someone they love and hang it on the wall. Take photos and post your favorite love messages on social media.

  8. Decorate ❤️ - Decorate your lobby with the essentials: red, pink, and purple. Buy heart shaped balloons, find cupid decals, and hang fairy lights. Create an amorous atmosphere to instill love and enthusiasm in each moviegoer!

Start putting your activations in motion now, so everything launches by Valentine’s Day! Post to your socials and send Vday event updates in your email marketing. Encourage followers to share these events and reach out to local publications & blogs to increase your impressions and obtain high attendance!

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