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5 Tips to Get Moviegoers into Your Theater on National Stay Out of the Sun Day (and Beyond!)

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

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During the summer months, moviegoers are on vacation and spending as much time outside as possible to soak up the sun. This July 3rd (and beyond), remind moviegoers to give themselves a break from the sun by enjoying a movie! Below we listed our top 5 strategies to get moviegoers back into your theaters!

1. Monopolize Blockbuster Season

Large budget, action packed, celebrity-filled, high grossing, studio promoted films are typically released during the summer months. Purchase concessions, digital assets, and posters that feature these blockbuster titles. Be sure to promote each title via your social media using the newest trends to garner higher views. Example: Post The Little Mermaid each week with Rotten Tomatoes reviews or create video interviews with quotes from those that viewed the movie in your theater.

2. Promote Movies after Opening Weekend

Although movie premiere weekends are predicted, scrutinized, and promoted to get moviegoers to buy tickets, many people purposely avoid opening weekends. Post (at least weekly) on your social media accounts and website with current films in your theater and showtimes. Example: Promote Spider-man: Across the Spider-Verse using the popular "canon event" meme to remind moviegoers it's still in theaters and there's still a lot of buzz surrounding the movie.

3. Offer Discounted Frozen Treats

Offer promotions or discounts on frozen treats like Icees or ice cream. A 2021-2022 Movio study found that discounts positively impact moviegoers and influenced movie theater visitation. The study also found that no matter the amount of the discount, discounted concessions motivate moviegoers who would not usually purchase concessions to take advantage of the deal. In addition, discounted concessions may increase moviegoers overall concession spending. Example: Offer a $2 discount on frozen treats via social media and website.

4. Promote Restaurants/Bars

Does your theater include a bar or restaurant? Encourage moviegoers to stop by for a cool refreshing drink before the movie or a cold dessert for after. Example: Name a custom drink "The Chiller" with special pricing to promote your bars/restaurants.

5. Promote Private Label Swag

Encourage moviegoers to stay out of the sun with your private label merchandise. Promote your hats, t-shirts, tank tops, sunglasses, and SPF chapsticks with your theater logo on your social media. Loyal moviegoers and new customers may want to take advantage of summer apparel and any deals with the promotion. Example: Offer discounts on private label hats to protect moviegoers' faces from the sun when they're enjoying the summer weather.

6. Bonus: Air Conditioning ❄️😎

Theaters have air conditioning and in the sweltering summer heat, it's always a welcome break!

Optimizing every facet of your business via socials, promotions, and merchandise will enhance your visibility amongst audiences and increase sales!

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