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Top Thanksgiving Dinners from Film 2022

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! Bust out the stuffing and get in the giving spirit by checking out our top five favorite Thanksgiving dinners from film.🦃🍂🍗

Four people eating dinner



People sitting at dinner table

Lez Bomb (2018)

Directed by Jenna Laurenzo

Where to Stream: Peacock

A still closeted young woman brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving, only to have her coming out efforts thwarted by the unexpected arrival of her male roommate.

People sitting at dinner table

Soul Food (1997)

Directed by George Tillman Jr.

Where to Stream: HBO Max

One person can keep a family together and, when that one person is gone, a family can be torn apart.

People sitting at dinner table

Friendsgiving (2020)

Directed by Nicol Paone

Where to Stream: Netflix

Molly and Abbey, along with their crew of close friends and acquaintances, host a dysfunctional, comical and chaotic Thanksgiving dinner.

People sitting at dinner table

The Oath (2018)

Directed by Ike Barinholtz

Where to Stream: Apple TV

In a politically divided America, a man struggles to make it through the Thanksgiving holiday without destroying his family.

People sitting at dinner table

Spider-Man (2002)

Directed by Sam Raimi

Where to Stream: Netflix

After being bitten by a genetically-modified spider, a shy teenager gains spider-like abilities that he uses to fight injustice as a masked superhero and face a vengeful enemy.

This Thanksgiving, we're grateful for our amazing team and clients. We watch these films to get us in the giving mood. If you're looking for table inspiration this Thanksgiving, stream one of the films on this list!

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