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10 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media

Updated: Apr 3

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Social Media is key to connecting with your audience, solidifying your brand, and increasing sales. Fully optimized socials have increased chances of appearing in searches on social media platforms, which directly relates to:

✅Impressions (how often your posts are sent to others’ feeds)

✅Click-through rate (CTR)


Check out our 10 tips below to enhance your social media to reach your target audience and to get moviegoers into your cinemas!

Profile Photo 😄

Make sure your profile photo with your logo are up-to-date and uniform across platforms. Brand recognition establishes your cinema and allows followers to easily recognize your profiles no matter the platform.

About You 🫵🏽

The “About” section in each of your profiles should have a uniform bio with the most important information. Your bio should be fun, while still describing your cinema. If you have a slogan, be sure to include that and use relevant keywords for SEO, so your accounts are easily searchable. Always have a link to your website and affiliated restaurant, bar, arcade, etc. in your profile. Your accounts should act as a one stop shop for information for moviegoers where they can easily access your website. 

Hot Tip***Your CTR increases when links to your website are in your bio. An increased CTR means more followers are spending time on your website and more likely to purchase movie tickets & merchandise!

Pin Your Posts 📌

Pin posts from your main feed with the most relevant information, so followers can easily find information about film showings, event information, and promotional merchandise. Be sure to have a call to action (CTA) in each caption.

Ex. Direct followers to the link in your bio on posts with your weekly movie showings, so they can access your website to purchase tickets.

Highlights ✨

Similar to pinned posts, highlights are for your Instagram (IG) or Facebook (FB) stories. You can organize various stories to appear at the top of your profiles where followers can find more information. 

Ex. Create highlights of now playing movies with the movie posters and links to purchasing tickets for each movie, steps to sign-up for your loyalty programs, and how to book a private event at your cinema. Include links for easy accessibility for followers.

Create a Content Plan 📝

Test which type of content works for each social platform. 

Ex. Focus on video content for IG & TikTok, photo content for FB & IG, and written content for X & Threads. 

To keep all of your content organized, create a content calendar. Plan out content at least a month ahead, so you have plenty of time to create content and copy for each post. You can check out sample content ideas from our promotions + digital content calendar for cinemas here.

Establish content pillars that are in line with your brand identity to keep content consistent, but don’t be afraid to take risks and try new, trending challenges!

Create Your Own Content 🎥

Make your own unique content. Most cinemas receive assets & trailers from the studios and post around the same time. Post your own in-house content to set your profile apart. Create TikTok videos of your staff in action, IG Reels of popcorn popping, or photos of your last in-house event. If you’re a novice, familiarize yourself with Canva to create fun graphics that pop and use the TikTok app to edit video content.

Ex. Regal created a quick, simple, and fun video showcasing the cowboy disco cups for Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. (We produced this cup - check out our concessions offerings for promo items & concessions items for your cinema here!)

Research Popular Trends 📈

Follow hashtags like #cinema or #movietheatre to see what content moviegoers and studios are posting. Dedicate time to find trending audios or challenges on TikTok & IG Reels. Reformat these to fit your cinema.

Ex. “we do x, of course we do y” | “We work at a cinema, of course we’re addicted to popcorn!”

Always be Active 📶

Post consistently across all social platforms. You can use platforms like Sprout or HootSuite to schedule posts far in advance on specific days and times. There’s a delicate balance to the algorithm, so be sure to avoid posting multiple times a day on one platform. Post as many stories as you’d like, but be cautious about the number of posts to your main feed. Remember quality over quantity always wins!

Diversify Your Content 🔀

Make sure your content isn’t solely photos or solely videos. Use photos, videos, graphics, audio, and copy on your feed. 

Ex. When posting a graphic on Instagram, add a trending audio to go along with it. Both will catch eyes and increase your impressions.  

Change up your content. If something is working, definitely follow that format. But, if a different type of post isn’t seeing as much engagement as you’d hoped, try a different strategy.

Ex. If you're posting lots of video to FB and nobody is interacting with that type of content, try graphics and photos instead!

Communicate with your audience 📲 

Dedicate time each week to engage with your audience. When followers comment or like on your content, be sure to like their comment and reply.  Engaged audiences are more likely to seek out your content and engage again!

Don’t be afraid to create content to start a good discussion.


Ex. “What’s your favorite spring movie?” or “Thoughts on the Dune 2 popcorn bucket?” Followers can respond and hopefully a fun discussion will emerge in the comments.

Host giveaways & contests for followers to increase engagement and shares.

 Ex. Create a prize pack for an upcoming title with movie tickets, concessions vouchers, titled merchandise, and your private label merchandise. As an entry requirement, ask followers to tag their movie buddy in the comments and share to their stories, which will increase your reach with that post!

Take the time to enhance your socials and keep consistent! Once your socials are fully optimized, followers will find pertinent information easier, increase your CTR, and increase your sales.

Content calendar for February with content ideas for each day of the month as well as a calendar with updated film releases for the month of Feb.

Interested in our promotions + digital content calendar for 365 days of content ideas? Interested in OC’s digital marketing services? Find more info here.

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