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2022 Top Secrets of Wednesday Production Design

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Source: Netflix

Happy Wednesday! We're highlighting Wednesday, Netflix's third most popular English-language series of all time. Created by Tim Burton, this show follows Wednesday Addams at Nevermore Academy where she investigates a murder spree while making new friends and foes. In this post, we’ll provide our top four production design secrets that showcase the creative inspiration, unique set pieces, and easter eggs of this twisted new series.

Secret No. 1:

Throughout the series, Wednesday's wardrobe is only black and white. The background was intentionally made extra colorful to make her stand out.

Woman standing in front of window
Source: Netflix

Secret No. 2:

Pay attention to the Nightshade Library in the school, there are several nods to the Addams family history as seen in some of the portraits.

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Source: Netflix

Secret No. 3

The art department enlisted architecture and sculpting students and local sculptors in Bucharest to make the facades of several stores (florist shop, thrift store, and cobbler shop) accurate to Charles Addam's original illustrations.

Woman walking down stairs
Source: Netflix

Secret No. 4

The art department created plaster casts of existing trees to achieve continuity after the winter changed the appearance of the woods. They even preserved autumn leaves in drying rooms to re-scatter later.

Two people standing in forest
Source: Netflix

Why is Production Design So Important?

A production designer is head of the art department. On board from the beginning, they work with the director + producers to help bring the writer’s script, director’s vision + producer’s plans together as a visual whole. The production designer researches or "scouts" locations, eventually securing + preparing it for shooting. They budget the cost of materials, track expenses, and typically oversee the art director, set designers, illustrators + scenic painters to develop a specific visual style for a production. From minute details to overarching themes, a production designer must consider every aspect shown on screen, regardless of budget, they must be resourceful and think on their feet. Viewers don't often realize how many people are involved behind the scenes and how much time and energy goes into a production like Wednesday. According to IMDb, about 12 people have made up this series' art department, working alongside Mark Scruton to bring this world to life. Wednesday's gothic style and stunning production design is nothing short of captivating. It's no secret that this series and the world it has introduced us to will leave a lasting impact.



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