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7 Last Minute Inside Out 2 Activations That Spark ✨Joy✨

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The highly anticipated Inside Out 2 arrives in theaters on June 14th! Feeling a little anxious on how to activate around such a large title? OC is here with 7 Inside Out 2 activations to help your cinema create a memorable experience for moviegoers!

1. Pixar Trivia

Host a pre-show Pixar trivia contest to see who knows the most about the animation studio’s beloved catalog of characters and films. Create a prize pack with discount tickets, promo items, or a party pack.

2. Emotion Themed Mocktails

Create fun drinks for guests of all ages based on each emotion’s distinct color! Create a yellow mocktail to represent Joy, blue to represent Sadness, or orange to represent Anxiety. An activation like this gets people to order concessions while also creating something that is fun to take photos of in addition to drinking!

3. Decorate Your Lobby

Decorate your lobby to look like the HQ of Riley’s mind! For example, use these lanterns to represent all the different memory orbs. Encourage moviegoers to post photos with the hashtag InsideOut2at[InsertYourCinemaName] and tag your cinema. This activation creates an immersive atmosphere, elevates the theater experience, and is a great photo op! When followers post photos of this activation, all of their followers will see it, which increases your reach + impressions!

4. Student Discount

Offer student discounts so that tweens and teens can see this movie with allowance to spare! This coming of age movie is relatable and important for teens who are starting a new school or maintaining old friendships while balancing new ones!

5. Mood Wall

Print out banners of each emotion and place it on a wall in your lobby. Then, provide customers with post-it notes. Customers can write and post on the wall what makes them happy, sad, anxious, embarrassed, etc. Then, post your favorites to your cinema social media accounts! This mood wall will be a great way to involve all of the community and for moviegoers to relate to each other.

6. Celebrate Father's Day

Celebrate Father’s Day (Sunday, June 16th) by encouraging dads and kiddos to come to the movie theater together and take pictures. Ask daddy-kiddo duos to post their pictures on social media with a hashtag like “Daddykiddodateat[theater].” This activation helps create a truly memorable experiences, with photos a family can treasure forever.

7. Social Media Posts

Ask your followers in IG/FB stories (using the question function) what part of the theater experience brings them joy, embarrassment, etc. As an alternative, post your own responses to those questions. For example “I get anxiety when I have to go to the bathroom during the movie” or “I get angry when people are on their phones in the middle of the movie!”

We can’t wait to see Inside Out 2 in cinemas and feel joy, sadness, anxiety, fear, and everything in between! Well, maybe not ennui.

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