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Unleashing The Feline Fun: 5 Activations for The Garfield Movie

Poster with cat arms crossed

Garfield, Odie, Jon, and the gang are coming to theaters this Memorial Day weekend on May 17th. This is a perfect weekend to create an event to get the community in your theater to see The Garfield Movie! Grab your lasagna and settle in for our 5 activations below.

1. Partner with a local animal shelter

Reach out to your local animal shelter to see how you can help with adoptions. E.g. Donate a dollar from all Garfield promotions to the shelter or let the shelter take over your social media and post different adoptable pets to extend their reach and help those furry friends find a good home!

2. Garfield Concessions

Bought your Garfield Concessions? Create TikTok/IG Reels of employees feeling the tubs with fresh popcorn and butter or filling cups with soda. Mouthwatering content typically garners high impressions!

3, Decorate your lobby

Celebrate the history of Garfield and his adventures with special decor. Create a banner that states “I Love Lasagna, But I Love ___ More.” Put a table with variety of post-it notes and pens near the banner for moviegoers to write their favorite things and stick on your lobby wall. Post your favorites to your cinema social media.

4. Party Room

Promote your party room & buyouts for kids parties. Create a Garfield Movie party pack with themed hats, plates, pin the lasagna on Garfield, special themed menu items, and Garfield swag. Onni Creative can help source these items and create these themed party packs. Email us at for more information!

5.  I Hate Mondays Deal

Garfield hates Mondays, but your moviegoers don't! Create an I Hate Mondays promotion for loyalty subscribers only. Promote on social media, emails, and your app to loyalty subscribers. E.g. $2 off ticket prices or special pizza & soda combo.

We can’t wait to see The Garfield Movie in cinemas while diving into a pizza, exactly the way Garfield would want us to watch!

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