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Get Ready for CinemaCon 2024: Visit Our Team at Booth 116J!

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CinemaCon 2024 is a month away and we’re excited to meet all of you, see what the studios have cooked up for this year, and enjoy the Vegas strip! You can check us out at Booth 116J in the Julius Ballroom. We’re bringing the OC creative energy to give you an in-person look at our offerings and a chance to discuss your needs! OC is a full-service agency, so we do it all! Meet our team & delve into our offerings below!

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Meet Geonni, our Founder + Chief Creative!

Geonni founded Onni Creative in 2020. She oversees daily operations, business development, and leads the team’s creative efforts across all mediums. Prior to OC, she was director of marketing for United Artists Releasing, leading theater marketing campaigns for a diverse slate of films for MGM, Annapurna Pictures, and Orion Pictures. 

Did you know Onni Creative offers experiential design for your cinema? 

With an educational background in art direction for film & tv and interior architectural design, Geonni specializes in experiential design. As a production designer, set decorator, and member of IATSE Local 44, she has worked on numerous projects spanning from the Emmy winning I Think You Should Leave Season 2 to the NFL Draft 2022 in Las Vegas. Check out more of our projects here.

Need website help? Want a special event webpage?

If you’re looking for website and branding assistance, Geonni has a background in graphic design too! Besides designing OC’s branding and website, she collaborates with clients to create unique landing pages that allows information and branding to infuse seamlessly. Recently, she worked with a client to create a special anniversary website aimed at honoring moviegoers via special promotions, limited film series, and unique merchandise.

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Meet Deanna, our Director of Creative + Concessions!

Deanna is the “Wizard Behind The Curtain!” and, yes, she’s from Kansas! Deanna oversees our concessions & promotional programs along with creative marketing for internal and external campaigns. She has long loved the movie-goer experience. She feels that movies give people a place to escape, find their inner kid or superhero, and relax. With over 20+ years of experience in entertainment + print creative, Deanna manages our concessions campaigns while maintaining film studio + vendor relations. With her long term relationships, she’s able to help bring better solutions to cinemas and production.

Interested in film titled concessions? Generics? Private Label?

OC is a one-stop shop for your concession item needs. We collaborate with clients to meet their needs through film titled, generic, and private label concessions! In past years, we saw a need for affordable & fun generic concession items and designed our own line for cinemas to use year-round.

Deanna worked closely with studios on successful titled concession campaigns for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, The Despicable Me Franchise, Spider-man: Across The Spiderverse, Five Nights At Freddy’s, Migration, and Trolls Band Together. She has an eye for detail and leverages her relationships with studios to provide exciting art, often with subsidy, for affordable & sustainable concession tubs, buckets, and cups. Check out our current titled concession campaigns here.

Looking for promotional items for your cinemas?

Deanna is always looking for promotional opportunities around titles that excite cinemas & audiences alike. OC wanted to support cinemas for Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé and Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Film and while the strikes were still delaying major film dates. Friendship bracelets for Eras and disco cowboy cups for Renaissance were both hits and in high-demand by movie-goers!

We support studio promotional campaigns too! We collaborated with Universal Studios to bring Five Nights At Freddy’s pizza boxes to cinemas across the US & Canada. These 10” pizza boxes & digital assets assisted with concessions revenue at a time when cinema traffic was slowing and they gained a ton of social impressions for long-term visibility for studios and cinemas alike.

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Meet Kim, our Manager of Marketing + Publicity!

Kim is passionate about marketing + PR through storytelling and community engagement. She leverages relationships to create accessible content to engage audiences and increase earned media for clients. She is one of the resident copywriters here at OC and enjoys collaborating with clients to create content that solidifies their brand voice.

Need marketing campaign support? 

OC offers PR services to increase brand awareness through print, digital, and audio opportunities. Kim has experience with press campaigns, prepping for clients for podcast appearances, and creating radio ads to support promotional events. She supported a recent client’s campaign by leveraging OC’s network to increase website traffic and social media views via articles in outlets like Variety, BoxOffice, and local publications. These articles led to podcast and interview requests that raised further awareness for the campaign and brand.

Looking to increase your digital presence? Interested in SEO or paid ads? 

OC now offers SEO and paid ad services. SEO, search engine optimization, improves your website to increase its visibility in Google, Bing, and other search engines where people search for your cinema. With an initial website & keyword audit, we can identify the pinch points and areas for improvement for your cinema’s site. We’ll use technical optimizations to help your cinema rank higher for Google searches like “movie theater near me” or “movie theater in [insert your city]. OC compliments SEO services with paid ad campaigns to  grow visibility and impressions in the short term to increase website and social media traffic.

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Meet Nekisha, our Manager of Digital Media!

Nekisha is our resident digital media guru. She continues to help clients solidify their brands within the digital space via social media management, strategy, and content creation. Her ability to scope out trends and cultivate community has improved clients’ social media following across a myriad of platforms.

Having trouble with content? Not sure what to post? 

OC offers a monthly subscription to our promotions + digital content calendar to help alleviate the stress of content planning and help cinemas reach their target audiences. Each monthly calendar provides fresh and effective marketing ideas for You can check out a sample here.

Want to know what audiences are saying about your cinema? About new titles? About your staff?

Nekisha can help you uncover critical insights about your cinema via our social listening tool. She has assisted cinemas in gaining visibility into the customer experience through consumer attitudes, thoughts, and experience. Clients use these insights to revamp menus, host more events, and create promotions that will enhance the moviegoer experience! Check out our Threads to see what moviegoers are saying.

Here's a peak at what audiences are saying:

Like what you hear? Don’t know where to start with your cinema? Swing by and see us at CinemaCon! Visit us at Booth 116J in the Julius Ballroom to chat more about your cinema’s needs. See you soon!

Questions about our services? E-mail us at

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