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8 ways to bring value to your cinema with a refillable popcorn tub program

an image of a refillable popcorn bucket with text: your design here in the middle of the bucket. Text to the right of the popcorn bucket reads: Build your own 130 oz refillable tub program. Program benefits Customer loyalty & retention, sustainability & environmental impact, increased concession sales, enganced customer experience, brand visibility & word of mouth. Free Promotional Assets - First (3) theaters to launch their program receive free promotional assets to support their initiative!

Is your cinema considering a refillable popcorn tub? Not sure of the benefits? Worried about cost and minimum order quantities? We compiled eight ways cinemas can benefit from implementing a refillable tub program:

  1. Customer loyalty and retention: A refillable popcorn tub program encourages customers to return to your cinema for multiple visits. By offering a refillable option, you can incentivize customers to choose their venue over competitors, leading to increased customer loyalty and retention.

  2. Increased concession sales: With a refillable popcorn tub program, customers are more likely to purchase concessions such as popcorn, as they can get refills at a discounted price. If moviegoers are buying popcorn, they'll want a soda and probably a candy bar to go with it. This can lead to increased overall concession sales, higher receipt averages, and revenue for your cinema.

  3. Enhanced customer experience: Refillable popcorn tubs can enhance the overall movie-watching experience for customers. They can enjoy unlimited popcorn throughout their visit, creating a positive association with the cinema and increasing customer satisfaction.

  4. Brand visibility and word-of-mouth marketing: Refillable popcorn tubs can act as a branding tool for cinemas. Customers carrying the tubs while leaving the cinema or during their subsequent visits can attract attention and generate word-of-mouth marketing, promoting your cinema to a wider audience. Use your branded popcorn tubs as content for your social media accounts or host a photo contest where moviegoers have to post photos with their refillable popcorn tubs. Social media contests increase the reach & impressions of your cinema's accounts.

  5. Sustainability and environmental impact: Implementing a refillable popcorn tub program aligns with sustainability goals and showcases your cinema's commitment to reducing waste. This can attract environmentally conscious customers and contribute to a positive brand image.

  6. Collecting customer data: The refillable popcorn tub program provides an opportunity to collect customer data through registration or loyalty programs. Use this data to personalize marketing campaigns and offer targeted promotions, further enhancing customer engagement.

  7. Cross-promotion opportunities: Use the refillable popcorn tub program to cross-promote other food and beverage offerings. For example, offer discounts or promotions on drinks or snacks when customers purchase a refillable popcorn tub, leading to increased sales of other menu items.

  8. Upselling opportunities: While customers are getting their popcorn refills, cinema staff can upsell other concessions or even movie tickets, maximizing revenue per customer visit.

Overall, a refillable popcorn tub program can be a valuable marketing tool for cinemas, drive customer loyalty, increase concession sales, enhance the customer experience, and promote sustainability. By implementing your own refillable bucket program, you can create a unique offering that sets your cinema apart from competitors and drives business growth.

Launch your refillable tub program today! Onni Creative is hosting a special deal for the first (3) cinemas that launch their program with us. Each cinema will receive free promotional assets to support their initiative!

Still worried about price or minimum order quantities? Email us at Check out our other concessions and private label work here.

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