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Process, Timelines, and Cost: How We Generate Cinema Concessions Products From Start to Finish

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Have you wondered about the process behind the best titled popcorn tubs & soda cups? Concerned about rising shipping costs? Need solutions to keep costs down? We’re here to answer your burning questions & give you a little insight into our process to bring you the items & assets you need to promote upcoming titles and get moviegoers the best concessions items at great prices!

Why Does OC Promote So Far In Advance? 🤔

Movie theatre concessions filled with popcorn and soda

It might feel like we ask for orders too far in advance, but there’s a reason why!

Short Answer: Product timelines!

Long Answer: Product timelines have multiple factors like the time to create the design (which we’ll jump into below), approval process, production process, shipping and fulfillment. The average start to finish timeline is about 15-20 weeks not including about a 2 week allowance for shipping. Especially during the holiday season, we give a little extra cushion since shipping companies are overloaded.

Right now, we’re accepting orders for Kung Fu Panda 4 and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, which both premiere in March! We first opened up orders in November, so about 5 months in advance. In order for us to schedule time with our vendors, manage shipping, and get products to cinemas a few weeks before premiere dates, we have to know quantities months in advance.

Why Does It Take OC A Little Longer To Show Artwork? 🎨

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We do our best to show you exact images of our offerings!

Short Answer: We have to wait for final art from studios.

Long Answer: Many studios want to use the latest & greatest (re: final) artwork on concessions to match their theatrical marketing campaign. Instead of showing products with just title treatment, we do our best to show the artwork that will actually go into print for your concessions items.

Bonus Answer: We use only domestic artwork from the studios to avoid additional licensing fees, which would add to the overall cost of the concessions items. We understand that every penny counts, so we strive to save money for cinemas as much as possible!

What is the Economy of Scale? 📈

Movie theater concessions filled with soda and popcorn and Trolls movie characters centered in between

We’re sure you’ve heard this one!

Short Answer: Savings in cost is proportionate to level of production.

Long Answer: Independent and mid-size cinemas have HUGE buying power when

ordering collaboratively! If independent & mid-sized cinemas ordered together, collectively they would compete with the top grossing cinemas in terms of size! Our pricing starts at minimum order pricing with vendors. When quantities increase, we meet tiers that create better pricing, which is automatically given to cinemas and is reflected on your final invoice.

How is Shipping Cost Calculated? 📦

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Shipping costs can make or break a concessions program!

Short Answer: We work with vendors to create economical solutions for low shipping costs.

Long Answer: Unexpectedly, we saw higher shipping fees this quarter. With every program, we work to create better relationships with vendors and streamline processes with warehousing. That being said, we are always looking for opportunities to work with new companies that want to create a partnership for better pricing in 2024 & beyond!

Why Are Some Programs Discontinued? 🥲

Were you bummed about a title we promoted, but decided to no longer pursue?

Short Answer: If there’s low interest, we can’t meet our production minimums.

Long Answer: We want to create concessions items that will excite cinemas and moviegoers alike! Unfortunately, some titles don’t generate as much buzz as we would hope. If we don’t have enough orders for minimum production runs, we have to cancel certain titles. This is an absolute last resort for us. We were excited about our program for Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, but it didn’t meet our expectations in terms of orders. As a result, that program was discontinued.

We hope these insights gave you a peak at our process to bring you the best titles and products! Check out more about our cinema concessions products here.

We have exciting programs coming in 2024 that we can’t wait to share with all of you! You can check out our 2024 Order Guide with a schedule of programs. You can order concessions items for our current programs for Kung Fu Panda 4 and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire right now!

We’re always looking out for new & exciting titles! Sign-up for our concessions emails here to be the first to know about additional programs!

Have a few questions that we didn’t answer above? Want more information? Email us at



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