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9 DM4 Activations for Minions Lovers Everywhere 💛

Image of Despicable Me 4 title treatment with image of Gru, Gru Jr, and a minion in the forefront with the word Activations in the back at an angle.

Gru, his family, and the lovable minions return to theaters on July 3rd in Despicable Me 4. Previously, Gru and his minions appeared in Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022), which was a huge success for theaters due to a combination of family-friendly entertainment and a viral sensation amongst teenagers and younger adult audiences. OC is here with 9 DM4 activations to help theaters enhance the movie-going experience, so the next installment in the Despicable Me franchise is even more successful at your cinema!

1. Themed Concessions

Create a tasty and memorable experience with themed concessions! Minions love bananas! Try offering a banana-related concession item for the movie, like chocolate covered bananas or plantain chips. This movie also debuts the super-powered Mega Minions. With your Despicable Me 4 Concession items, create a Mega-Minion combo that bundles multiple concessions for an attractive deal.

2. Father and Son day

Celebrate fathers and sons spending time together, like Gru and his new son Gru Jr. in the new movie, by encouraging them to go to the movie theater and take pictures of themselves. Ask the duos to post their picture on social media with a hashtag like Fathersontimeat[theater name]. This activation will create a great bonding moment for fathers and sons while providing something tangible to remember the event by.

3. Partner With a Local Summer Camp/Kids Program

Partnering with a local summer camp or program is a great way to get many moviegoers (big & small) into your theater, especially on rainy or super hot days. Kids will love a chance to see Gru and the Minions return to the big screen with all of their friends. Meanwhile, you will love an opportunity for group buyouts, party room usage, and special group concession sales.

4. Build Your Own Minion Station

Print out black and white outlines of minions (like this) and provide materials for kids to color and add details, activating their imagination and allowing them to create their very own minion they can take home!

5. Be a Kid Again Day

Celebrate Be a Kid Again Day on July 8! Offer discounts on tickets for adults and encourage all adults, even those without young children, to bring out their inner kid and see this funny, colorful, and light movie!

6. Costume Contest

Create a minion costume contest where winners can win discounts or a promo item (like your own private label merch). If you don’t have private label merch, use our services to see what we can make for you (Click here for more info). Or, create a supervillain costume contest where contestants can dress up in eccentric and colorful costumes, like Despicable Me 4’s Maxime Le Mal

7. Minions Party Room

Promote your party rooms! Offer minion-themed parties in time for the movie and create your own party pack, with themed plates and napkins and party favors like minion goggles or these temporary tattoos.

8. Minion Photo Booth

Create a minion photo booth using a minion photo booth kit, like this one. These photobooth experiences create tangible reminders of the memories that families can make when they see a movie in the theater, creating a special connection to that space. Make sure to encourage families to post images on social media with a hashtag like DM4at[theatername].

9. Mega-Minion Activations

Incorporate the new superpowered minions into the theater experience! Provide post-it notes to moviegoers to answer the question “If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?” Then, ask them to post their answers on the wall. Take photos of your favorites and post on your social media.

We're so excited to see the next installment of the Despicable Me franchise and get the signature comedy, mayhem, and heart we know from this franchise!

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