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Celebrating Hispanic Artists Through our Production Design Work

images of hispanic entertainment artists and civil rights activist in front of a blue background

As of 2022, Latinos account for a significant 20% of the US population (according to the Latino Donor Collaborative), yet the representation of Latino talent in the entertainment industry remains strikingly low.

The study reveals that only 3.1% of lead actors in TV shows, 1.5% of TV showrunners, and 1.3% of TV directors were Latino. In the realm of film, Latinos account for just 5.2% of lead actors, 3.5% of screenwriters, and a mere 2.6% of directors were Latino.

Our mission, through our art + production design work, aims to foster an authentic, inclusive, supportive, and collaborative environment that amplifies the unique visions, characters, and stories of Hispanic artists.

Below, you can explore our collection of amazing Hispanic artists and their projects we've had the privilege of collaborating with in the past

An S and 5 logo design for Slay 5 productions

SLAY5 - Yes You Can, Three Busy Debras, Trueno

SLAY5, a production studio co-founded by Gloria Ortega, is on a mission to craft narratives that authentically reflect the rich diversity present throughout our society. Ortega's vision for SLAY5 is to showcase the myriad of voices, talents, and perspectives that enrich the American cultural landscape. The studio is committed to breaking down barriers, fostering inclusvity, and giving a platform to voices that may have been historically overlooked. SLAY5 has created numerous advertising campaigns and feature films that genuinely portray Hispanic culture, and the company places a deep value on embracing individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Reflecting on her own heritage and how that has affected her company, Ortega expounded, “As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, I’m filled with pride and gratitude, reflecting on the diverse blend of cultures, histories, and contributions that define the Hispanic American experience. As a Hispanic woman and co-founder of SLAY5, an American Film Production Company, I’ve walked a unique path as part of a minority group…[ ] Hispanic Americans have played a vital role in shaping the United States, leaving their mark on its culture, arts, sciences, politics, and more. Our heritage is a testament to our strength, creativity, and innovation. It’s a reminder that diversity isn’t just something to celebrate; it’s a powerful force driving our society forward.”

Through SLAY5 + Onni Creative collaborations, we have been able to stay true to the tenets of both companies with projects that amplify diverse voices through storytelling:

three individuals standing and facing a camera

General Assembly - Yes You Can campaign

General Assembly is a leader in job training and career transition. Their slogan, “Yes You Can” encourages people to begin job training and education, pursue their passions, and to take a leap into a new career.

For this project, we crafted vignettes that showcase the journey of ordinary individuals as they embark on their careers in the tech industry.

Check out our process and creative board here.

Three Busy Debras - Season 2 Trailer

Now streaming on MAX, Three Busy Debras is a surreal comedy tv series. The show

follows the daily lives of three housewives, all named Debra, in their town of Lemoncurd, CT.

Trueno - Lo Tengo (ft. JID) Music Video

Onni Creative had the pleasure of collaborating with SLAY5 as the art director and set dresser for Trueno's 'Lo Tengo' music video. Trueno, an Latin-Grammy nominated Argentinian rapper, has emerged as a powerhouse after winning Red Bull's Freestyle Master Series in 2019 and releasing hit tracks alongside renowned artists such as Nicki Nicole, Bizarrap, and J Balvin. In 2023, Trueno continues to shine, earning recognition as Billboard's Latin Artists to watch


The Cast of Euphoria - The Cut

Photography by Micaiah Carter@micaiahcarter forThe Cut

Through our editorial & fashion work, we had the privilege of designing and dressing the set for a special issue of New York Magazine’s The Cut, featuring the cast of the popular HBO series, Euphoria. Notably, two of the Euphoria characters – Cassie Perez and Kat Hernandez are portrayed as formidable Latin-American teenagers, and the stars who play them – Alexa Demie and Barbie Ferreira – take pride in their Latin heritage.

Alexa Demie, a Mexican-American actress and singer, has a deep appreciation for her Hispanic roots, which she often highlights in her work and personal style. She pays tribute to her Latin idols, including the legendary Selena Quintanilla. Demie is committed to maintaining authenticity in the roles she takes on, constantly telling her team “‘Don’t send me any clichéd Latino roles.’ Because I think they just do a disservice to us.”

Model and actress Barbie Ferreira was raised by her Brazilian mother, aunt, and grandmother. Ferreira is proud of her Brazilian roots, and has worked to collaborate with Latin-based brands such as Havaianas.

Check out our process and BTS photos of the project here.

Dolores Huerta - PSA

OC had the absolute privilege of working with Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers Association, labor activist, leader of the Chicano Civil Rights Movement, and founder of the Dolores Huerta Foundation For Community Organization.

We designed and dressed the set for a PSA featuring Huerta that encouraged Californians to VOTE NO on proposition 27, allowing online and mobile sports wagering outside tribal lands which ultimately would have impacted Indian tribes throughout California. The online gambling proposition was overwhelmingly rejected by Californians in the 2022 November election.

These projects were inclusive & insightful. We had an amazing time collaborating with these fantastic artists! We hope to continue to support Hispanic artists and storytellers through more projects coming soon 👀

Want to see more of our work? View our portfolio here.

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