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Cheers to 4 Years: Onni Creative Celebrates Four Year Anniversary!

It's our four year anniversary! We're extremely grateful to our clients, partners, friends, and family who have contributed to our success over the years! Thank you for supporting us on this journey and cheering us on!

We're celebrating our hard work, passions, tenacity, and successes! Check out a brief history of Onni Creative below with project highlights and our goals for the future!


Our founder, Geonni, was a director of marketing for United Artists Releasing, leading theater marketing campaigns for a diverse slate of films for MGM, Annapurna Pictures, and Orion Pictures. She worked intimately with cinemas across the country and understood their needs when it came to titled activations. While working full-time, Geonni studied interior design and graphic design with plans to use these skills to start a full service art + production design agency.

With the start of the pandemic in 2020, Geonni knew she could help cinemas navigate this scary time through marketing, promotions, and activations. After gaining experience on film sets while furloughed from her job at the studio, Geonni began gaining work as a set dresser, set decorator, and production designer, and Onni Creative was founded on March 31st, 2020!

The pillars of OC still revolve around helping filmmakers' visions come to fruition via art + production, providing fun and exciting concessions & promotional items to cinemas, and assisting clients with digital marketing and press for their films, activations, and events.


We've been working on amazing projects and partnering with fantastic clients these past four years. Check out some highlights below:

Michele Foods | Michele's Syrups Commercial | Art Direction + Art Assist

Tasked with designing a set for Michele's Syrups first nationwide commercial debut, our team wanted to highlight Michele's Syrups while remaining authentic to this woman and POC founded brand.

I screenshot of the Landmark Theatres 50th anniversary landing page with their 50th anniversary branding surrounded by the individual logos of each Landmark location.

50th Anniversary | Landmark Theatres | Web Design + Merch + Press

Landmark Theatres is celebrating their 50th anniversary all year long! We worked with this cinema chain to solidify strategy around messaging and branding for their 50th anniversary celebration by creating a special event landing page, creating exclusive merch, and increasing their earned media in outlets like Variety, BoxOffice Pro, and LAist.

photo of tim robinson during a sketch with text that reads: Winner Emmy Award, Outstanding Short Form Comedy Drama or Variety Series, Outstanding Actor in a short form comedy or drama series - Tim Robinson, I Think You Should Leave

(IG: @netflixisajoke)

Netflix's 2x Emmy Award Winning | I Think You Should Leave Season 3 | Set Dresser

We loved working on this two time Emmy award winning set with Tim Robinson & the ITYSL crew. We were able to flex our creative muscles by creating a romantic set for lovebirds in the "Pacific Proposal Park" sketch and creating the activist atmosphere in the "Tasty Time Vids" sketch. Be sure to check it out on Netflix!

10 Freddy Fazbear's pizza place pizza boxes on a black background. Text reads Can you survive Five Nights at Freddy's in theaters October 27

(Onni Creative)

Universal Pictures Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) | FNAF Pizza Boxes | Design, Execution, + Sales

Tasked with creating a 10" pizza box with artwork in coordination with Universal Pictures' FNAF title, our team worked to find a cost-efficient pizza box with a design that aligned with the aesthetic of the film. We also produced digital assets for in-cinema POS systems, video walls, marquees, etc. and social media, websites, and newsletters. Due to our efforts, this title gained over 77M impressions!

New York Magazine Special Issue | The Cut x Euphoria | Set Decorator + Decor Buyer

Working with the Girlies of Euphoria + The Cut was a euphoric experience for our team. As set dressers for this editorial shoot, we played an active role in sourcing and styling the shoot's decor, including flooring, backdrops, and furniture. We sourced different carpets & furniture and even had to find 100 pomegranates for the shoot!

(Onni Creative + IG: @nflonprime)

NFL x Prime Video | NFL Draft Media Booth | Production Design, At Direction, + Set Decorator

This experiential design for the 2022 NFL Draft & TNF on Amazon Prime Video was so fun and enhanced by the dramatic backdrop of the Las Vegas Strip. The team took the edges of the Thursday Night Football shield and extruded them to create cascading blades. Do you see any familiar faces?


Looking ahead, we're excited to now offer SEO, paid ads, and media buying services. As a full-service agency, we continue to find a diverse slate of services to meet every client's unique needs with innovative and cost-efficient solutions.

With the industry still recovering after the strikes of 2023 and projects beginning to ramp back-up, we hope to provide exciting and more cost-effective promo & concessions programs for cinemas and include more accompanying digital assets, help cinemas navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital media & digital marketing, and bridge our art + production expertise with our cinema and expand into experiential for the film industry.

Now that we're established and working with so many amazing brands, cinemas, studios, and other partners, we are paying-it-forward with our support, sponsorship, and mentorship for other women and people of color in the industry.

collage of photos from events held by Women In Exhibition with text that reads WIE enjoyed seeing everyone at cinemacon

(LinkedIn: Women In Exhibition)

We regularly support organizations like Women in Exhibition (WIE) and Women in Film (WIF) by volunteering to support marketing efforts, amplifying their messages & reach, and monetarily supporting through donations.

We recently partnered with seniors in the Business Academy at McLane High School in Fresno, CA to provide internship opportunities for students to gain experience in an industry that is traditionally difficult to break into. We worked closely with these students to provide hands-on experience in graphic design, content creation, email marketing, communications, and research to help them hone skills that will make them appealing to future employers.

For the next four years, we hope to continue to work on exciting projects, support cinemas + studios, and create an equitable + inclusive environment for women + people of color in the entertainment industry. Cheers to four more years!! 🍾🥂

Want to collaborate with us? 🎥✨🎬

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