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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Stories you relate to matter. The people telling those stories are just as important.

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In the entertainment industry, we have seen an improvement in diversity on the big screen. Even so, there is still a disparity of women and people of color securing the behind-the-camera roles. We continue to be underrepresented and this limits the potential of stories being told based on our experiences and expertise.

We have curated a few organizations that have the goal of fostering a more inclusive and diverse Hollywood for future generations. You can support them by volunteering, donating, and spreading awareness.


Their Mission


Women In Media promotes gender balance in the film and entertainment industries through networking, professional development, and advocacy for women, women-identifying, and gender-nonconforming filmmakers who work above and below the line and the people who love to collaborate with them.

Women In Media has a goal of creating a more respectful, inclusive, and balanced workplace for all genders. As a membership-based organization, your level of involvement could range anywhere from attending networking events, screenings, professional development, and even volunteer opportunities.

Another great resource Women In Media provides is the Crew List.

This is an online database consisting of qualified women available to hire for your projects both above and below the line.

If you would like to donate and support Women In Media or be a part of the community, check out their membership page HERE!


Their Mission


Founded by Filmmaker, Distributor + Activist Ava DuVernay, Array Alliance envisions a world where the rich cultures, diverse viewpoints, and unique perspectives of the communities in which we live are fully represented through film, positively impacting racial and social justice around the globe. We amplify stories of underrepresented communities by providing women of all kinds and people of all color with the resources needed to ensure their diverse perspectives have a platform for change.

Array Alliance wants to foster a community using mentorship programs and grant-making to tell stories that are waiting to be told. This program is a part of the Array Now brand, that aims to amplify independent films globally made by people of color and women. Array strives to change the narrative starting from hiring, to production, and even distribution.

Array also provides a service similar to Women In Media, Array Crew. A women-led team created an online database for below-the-line crew members with the goal of supporting professionals in the film and television industry from underrepresented populations.

To donate to Array Alliance click HERE! If you would like to be a part of the Array Crew database apply HERE!


Their Mission

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Girls IN Focus’s mission is to connect girls and non-binary youth globally with our trailblazing film programs and have them emerge as industry leaders. Taught by entertainment professionals, our four programs, both online and in-person, offer girls and non-binary youth from around the globe a supportive, unique environment to connect and collaborate, creating films together from concept to festival-ready films.

Under the guidance of industry professionals, girls from ages 12-18 can collaborate to produce their own films. Girls in Focus also provides access to special programs for learning, information about upcoming film events, and filmmaking camps.

To get involved or donate to Girls in Focus LA visit their website HERE!


Their Mission


The mission of Black Girl Film School is to increase the number of Black females working and leading in the film, tv, and media industries by designing inclusive learning experiences for minority girls to learn filmmaking.

Founded by Jayda Imanlihen, Black Girl Film School offers online filmmaking curriculums and educational events to underserved schools and communities that are seeking to advance their education and STEAM abilities of their students.

With a goal of increasing the number of black women working and leading in the film, TV, and media industries, the Black Girl Film School creates learning programs available for girls ages 13-17.

To support, donate, or get access to the curriculum for your school, visit the Black Girl Film School website HERE!



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