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Text reads Activations for The Wild Robot over an image of a robot peaking behind a bush

Dreamworks Animation, creators of beloved movie franchises like Shrekand Trolls, will soon introduce a new world for audiences of all ages to love: the lush, sci-fi world of The Wild Robot. Getting audiences excited for a world they have never seen before can be challenging, but also allows for new opportunities to experiment and get creative! OC is here to provide 6 The Wild Robotactivations to help you prepare and offer an exceptional, themed theatrical experience when the movie hits theaters September 26.

1. Partner with an Environmental/Animal Conservation Charity

Reach out to a local conservation organization to see how your theater can help protect our beautiful natural world like the one in the film. Donate a portion of the proceeds from The Wild Robot ticket sales to the org or ask the organization to take over your social media accounts for a day, so their reach extends to your cinemas audience with its important message.

2. Family Combo

Celebrate families by offering The Wild Robotconcessionsin a special family combo. For example, combine a kids tray and a larger popcorn tub so that each member of the family has something to enjoy during the movie! These affordable deals encourage families to buy more concessions, while offering The Wild Robotthemed items to elevate the combo and the movie experience.

3. Dreamworks Marathon

Host a Dreamworks Marathon for families and fans to enjoy leading up to The Wild Robot premiere. Since Dreamworks has a large selection of movies to choose from, offer some fan favorites like Shrek, Madagascar, or The Bad Guys.

4. Event Screening

Host a Wild Robot event screening, where for one screening on a slower day, families can get a promotional item with their ticket of admission. For example, offer The Wild Robot kids trays or special rubber ducks with the purchase of a childrens ticket for the event screening. Event screenings are a great way to elevate an ordinary showing of the movie while rewarding attendance through offering something of value to the audience!

5. Rubber Duck Carnival Game

Celebrate the bond between Roz and their duckling with a rubber duck carnival game. This simple game requires some rubber ducks and a bucket of water (or popcorn for less clean-up!). Mark one - two rubber ducks on the bottom with prizes. If the player picks up the duck with the marked bottom, they can win The Wild Robot concessions or a promotional item.

6. Partner With a Local Robotics Club

Reach out to your local high school or universitys robotics clubs. This is a great way to increase group sales! Invite the robotics team to take over your socials or come to your theater to show off all of their cool projects!

We are SO ready to be immersed in a brand new, beautifully-animated world and heartfelt story of The Wild Robot.

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