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8 Twisters F+B Activations That Will Make You Feel the Tornado 🌪️

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28 years ago, a group of storm chasers took America’s movie theaters by storm. A new generation of storm chasers will reactivate the sense of thrill and adventure when Twisters whirls into theaters on July 19! To celebrate this blockbuster, OC is providing 8 food and beverage Twisters activations that will do anything, but suck.

1. Tornado Potatoes 🌀🍟

Take inspiration from midwest county fairs and the movie with these eye-catching tornado potatoes. For an alternate, you can offer a different twisty spiral potato: curly fries! These concessions will not only be tasty, but great photo ops that will help elevate your cinema’s presence on social media.

2. Twisted Lemonade/Tea 🍋

Double down on the twisting by offering Twisted Tea or Lemonade at your cinema’s bar. These boozy versions of beloved summer drinks will surely be hits for this summer blockbuster event.

3. “Tornado Popcorn” 🍿

Mix and swirl different popcorn flavors together, like butter, cheddar, and caramel, to create a delicious popcorn mix that looks like a tornado threw everything together. This is a tornado we’d love to see and taste!

4. Swirl Soft Serve🍦

Offer swirled soft serve at your theater! A widely beloved twisted sweet, the soft serve will be a sure hit among moviegoers, especially on a hot July day. Make sure to create a TikTok/IG Reel of your employees’ swirling their favorite flavors! This kind of yummy content regularly increases reach and impressions on social media!

5. Spiral Sweets 🍭

Try offering these lollipops or twirled cotton candy that will offer a twist to your theater's existing selection of sweets.

 6. Fire Tornado 🔥 

Replicate the fiery tornado in the trailer by offering hot chicken wings or watermelon and tajin on a stick (make sure the watermelon points down to closely match the tornado look). Make sure to grab a water for this hot content!

7. Disaster Cocktail Menu 🍸

Create a cocktail menu with a tornado and other extreme weather phenomena theme. For example, offer a hurricane cocktail. However, use your creativity to build on this! What does a tsunami cocktail look like? An avalanche? Most importantly, include the tornado as the main feature of this themed menu!

8. Twins Activation 🌪️🌪️

Create a promotion themed around the twin tornadoes featured in the movie’s trailer and pairs. For example, offer a buy one get one discounted/free promotion around a particular concession item or cocktail.

We are thrilled to experience the pure amazement, heart-pounding suspense, and grand spectacle of chasing a tornado! Get ready for this throwback to the old summer blockbusters when Twisters arrives in theaters July 19th! 

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