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7 Activations That Would Make Deadpool (& Wolverine) Proud!

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Our favorite merc with the mouth, Deadpool, returns to theaters after a 6 year hiatus on July 26th. Joining him on an adventure through time and space will be Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, who will also be returning after a 7 year hiatus. As these characters join together for the first time on screen, they will also be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With this massive convergence, Deadpool & Wolverine is sure to be an event movie! OC has 7 activations to leverage the excitement for this massive movie and elevate the theatrical experience for all Marvel fans.

1. Deadpool & X-Men Marathon

Screen the first 2 Deadpool movies to catch audiences up on Wade Wilson’s story before his return and to create hype around Deadpool & Wolverine. There is also an opportunity for longer marathons, adding movies like Logan (2017) and the Fox X-Men series to reacquaint audiences with Logan and the rest of the mutants before they return in Deadpool & Wolverine. This is a great way to bring X-Men and Marvel fans to your theater!

2. Themed Concessions

Create themed concessions & dishes related to Deadpool & Wolverine. For theaters with larger cooking capabilities, try offering Chimichangas (Deadpool’s favorite food!) for a limited time to promote the movie. Or, try to offer a cocktail or concession item that replicates the dynamic of the titular duo. Something sweet and sour? A red and yellow drink? Standard yellow popcorn with red chili powder? The possibilities are endless!

3. Social Media Content

Make a video that plays into the suggestive nature of the Deadpool franchise. But, don’t get too explicit! Rather, use innuendos. For example, replicate the Deadpool & Wolverine popcorn bucket announcement video with slowly dripping some butter on popcorn (even if you don’t have the bucket). These videos can really break through the social media mold and capture people’s attention.

4. Partner With A Local Comic Shop

Partner with a local comic shop to create an ultimate comic book fan experience. Have them take over your lobby, sell Deadpool and X-men comics at your theater or display memorabilia.

5. Friendship Activations

Create friendship related activations! While Wolverine is very, very reluctant to be traveling with Deadpool, that doesn’t mean your audience has to! For example, offer a friendship bracelet making station and have friends create fun bracelets similar to the ones depicted in this official poster.

6. MCU Trivia

Host Marvel Cinematic Universe trivia before the release of the movie to see who’s an expert in the mythos of the franchise to celebrate Deadpool’s arrival into the MCU and its return to cinemas after 8 months! Reward the winner with a discount on a future ticket or concessions.

7. Cosplay Contest

Encourage moviegoers to wear their Deadpool (or his variants), Wolverine, and other MCU character inspired outfits. Encourage cosplayers to take photos in the theater and post on social media with a hashtag like #SuitedUpforDeadpoolat[YourTheater]. Compile your favs and post to your social accounts. Ask followers to vote for their favorite!

Don't forget to give yourself plenty of planning + execution time with these activations! We can’t wait for these iconic superheroes and their performers to return in this massively important film in the on-going MCU saga when Deadpool & Wolverine claws into theaters on July 26!

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